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Stax Advisors is an umbrella of financial services under one roof. We believe in providing end-to-end and 360-degree complete guidance for financial planning.

Personal & Business Taxation

Personal & Business Taxation

Stax Advisors provide one-stop guidance and solution for personal as well as business taxation in Australia. Our expert team will assist your business with your global tax difficulties and help you in transforming your tax department and increasing the impact of your firm. Our business tax services are essential for both public and private firms and include everything from tax planning to risk management. We have a wide spectrum of offerings for business and corporate taxation that can simplify your accounting and balance sheets.

We also provide personal taxation services for employees, business owners, sole propriety owners, and retirees. We offer consultation with our well-experienced Chartered Accountant who can guide you for income tax notices, filing of revised returns, online payment of taxes, etc. Moreover, we help you with bank statements, managing assets and income, taxes on investment returns, and a lot more. We will help you stay in the lower tax bracket by using various techniques and laws that most people are unaware of. We ensure all-around 360-degree personal financial planning for our individual customers.

Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors offer salary packaging services to help employees deduct their taxable amount. Salary packaging is an ATO-approved process of saving taxes on your salary which usually takes anywhere around 10%-20% of the amount. Mostly, before the amount gets credited to your bank account, the taxes get deducted and the net amount is transferred to your account. But using salary packaging, the employer transfers the original salary amount to your bank account and you can pay for selected expenses before the tax is deducted. This way your taxable income gets reduced and you get to spend on the things you want as a priority.

The benefits of salary packing are tax benefits, easy claiming, flexible packaging options, and most importantly helping you save for the necessary expenses. Considering the industry and your employer, you can package utility bills, mortgage or rent dues, car payments, device costs, etc. Fixing these expenses before tax redemption can help you cut down on the taxes easily. We at Stax Advisors make the process of salary packaging hassle-free for your employees and help them leverage the maximum tax benefits.

Business Structure Advice & Formation

Business Structure Advice & Formation | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors provide business structure services including advising, formation, taxes, and legalities involved. A business structure has a big role to play in everyday operations, legal aspects, and scalability of the venture. The way you decide to structure your organization can affect all the key business decisions in the future. That’s the reason having the perfect business structure and maintaining it well can be one of the stepping stones to the success of a business. Some of the popular types of business structures are Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, and Cooperative. Depending on the nature of your business as well as your goals, we will help you decide the best structure that can be the backbone of your organization.

All these business structures have different ownership, liabilities, and taxation. You need to pick a business structure that finds a balance between low taxes, less legal complexities, preferred ownership style, stake dissolvement process, etc. The rules and legalities involved also depend on your location as the national and state rules come to force. Stax Advisors ensure you form the most-suited business structure and also guides you to make a strong organizational structure for unleashing growth.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors offers the prime services of tax and financial planning for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. Tax regulations continually change and upgrade to meet the economic conditions of the nation. Due to these constant changes in taxation rules, businesses get stuck up and often end up paying more taxes than required. Hence, careful tax planning is crucial for every business in an unpredictable global economy. Not only businesses but also individuals need proper tax planning for wealth management. Tax planning can be a game-changer aspect of managing your expenses well. Well-planned taxation can lead to greater savings and smarter expense choices.

Our business tax planning includes corporate taxes, employment taxes, indirect taxes, trade & customs taxes, service taxes, and tax dispute resolution. Our individual tax planning services include reporting income, reducing tax liability, housing, and maintenance taxes, gifting taxes, travel taxes, immigration taxes, etc. We make planning taxes easier for you strategically while maintaining all the compliances. Stax Advisors is the go-to destination for business as well as personal tax planning and guidance because our team of finance geeks is here to assist you.

GST Reporting

GST Reporting in Australia | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors provide effective GST reporting services in Australia. GST is commonly used by government taxation across many countries but it sounds daunting to a lot of businesses out there. The reason is GST varies from product to product, the industry as well as the geographic location. To explain briefly, GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. Liable businesses can register for GST at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Usually, GST charges are near 10% for products and services in Australia. You can file for various GST returns that are applicable to your business as a taxpayer.

We provide all-around GST reporting services that include payment cycles monthly, quarterly, or annually. These payment cycles depend upon your turnover of the business or you can opt for it manually. To change your GST reporting cycle, you need to go through a process and if the process is done at the beginning of the financial year or a new quarter, the payment cycle change can be implemented immediately. Here, the main task of Stax Advisors comes to play; helping you register for GST and report GST in the optimum payment cycle to help you increase returns.

SMSF Formation and Accounting

SMSF formation and accounting in Australia | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors, as a part of their financial services, provide Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) formation and accounting. SMSFs are a powerful retirement planning tool that gives you more freedom and control over your assets and investments. SMSFs are often known as do-it-yourself funds or family funds. There are various benefits of SMSFs such as it is an effective tax management strategy and the control to make timely investment decisions depending upon the market condition. Furthermore, SMSFs have low fees and can be incorporated for up to four members of the family, providing more savings. Also, it has flexible pension planning and maintenance to add to its advantages.

Whether you are an employee, a self-employed person, a retiree, or even a taxpayer with a high net worth, you can benefit from Self-Managed Super Funds. It can play an important role in your wealth creation and financial planning system. The process and legalities for SMSFs make it complex. Hence, Stax Advisors are here to do it for you. We take care of the minutes and documentation, investment strategy, sample templates, the nomination of beneficiaries, and all the other instructions. Our well-trained accountants and financial advisors will make the process starting from application to investing smoother for you.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting in Australia | Stax Advisors

Stax Advisors offer remarkable financial reporting services across Australia. For every business, financial reporting is an absolute must for regulatory and compliance needs. Our primary goal in financial reporting is to assist clients in growing their businesses quickly and efficiently while keeping their savings high. Financial reporting is a time-consuming activity that, if not kept up to date, can lead to errors in judgment. It is advised to keep and organize financial formal records updated to avoid any conflicts in the future. Quality financial reports will help stakeholders and investors understand the business in-depth. That’s our prime task; to provide you with accurate financial guidance and help you achieve your monetary targets.

Our financial reporting process involves reading income statements, business impact assessments, creating financial analysis reports, balance sheet maintenance, auditing, data gap assessments, assistance with complex accounting policies, and ledger reporting. You can call Stax Advisors a one-stop solution for financial reporting. Stax Advisors has a team of financial experts trained with upgraded techniques of financial reporting. We aim to offer end-to-end financial reporting services to our customers keeping financial reports in compliance with the regulations with ease and delivering maximum profit.

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